In support of National Apprenticeship Week 2021, we wanted to share the experiences of two of our valued apprentices, Sam & Jack. We asked them each some questions, these are their answers, in their very own words.

Please tell us about your apprenticeship

Jack: “I am currently doing the NVQ Electrical Installation Course”

Sam: “My apprenticeship has been really good and helpful, I’ve had a lot of support from everyone I’ve been working with and I’ve learnt quite a lot from them. It’s been made a lot easier by the staff at Chartwell, and everyone in the same field”

Why did you choose an apprenticeship, and what advice would you give other persons looking at job prospects?

Jack: “Advice given to me basically. I chose an apprenticeship as I knew it would get me the most amount of experience with work whilst learning at the same time. My advice? look around at the right apprenticeship, keep putting your name out there, get as much experience as possible”.

Sam: “I chose an apprenticeship as it was the next step towards a proper career, I’d just come out of college; and it felt like this was the right step. My advice is to think about it carefully as it’s something you’re going to be doing for the next few years so make sure you’re prepared and have the right equipment and mindset”.

You chose the Controls industry, why?

Jack: “I chose the controls industry as my dad does it, to me it’s more interesting than ‘normal’ electrical work”.

Sam: “I chose the controls industry as it’s been inherited from my dad! He’s been in the industry for a long time, and it interested me; the way it was electrical, but a lot different”.

What do you like about working at Chartwell Controls?

Jack: “Everyone is very friendly at Chartwell and easy to get on with, everyone is very understanding”.

Sam: “Everyone is really friendly and helpful; it’s interesting work and I find it’s really enjoyable”.

What are your ambitions when you finish your apprenticeship

Jack: “My ambitions are to learn more of the commissioning side, getting a better understanding of that side of things”.

Sam: “My ambitions when I’m qualified? To get more training to specify controls, to do as much training as I can, and gain”.

Chartwell – Staff Profile – Sam and Jack