We help our clients harness the full potential of their BEMS infrastructure and everything connected to it, with the tried and tested products and services from Chartwell.

Clever tools in our Chartwell Connect+ toolbox keep our fingers on the pulse of your BEMS 24 hours a day, 365 days p/a from our bureau desk at our Chartwell Technology Centre HQ.

Remote data analytics

Drawing on 6+ years of experience with a number of data analytics platforms, we are now able to tailor remote analytics solutions to giving clients an in-depth view of energy and performance operation of their buildings in the most intuitive way.

Performance alarms

Because data analytics focuses on the patterns produced within BMS data to allow for fast and effective performance management. This allows us to add a new layer of alarming which detects deviations in the normal patterns of operation to highlight occurring/potential performance issues, making it easier to spot problems before they become an operational issue on site.

Remote energy management

As part of our bureau services, cloud-based data analytics allows us to carry out our “wrap-around” energy management service remotely. This enables us to generate performance/energy management reports and guide the activities of our service engineers to ensure the best, most effective outcome for our clients.

Saving Co2.
Reducing energy costs.
Take complete control.
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Industry Renowned Condition Reports

Our ever-popular BEMS condition report offer our clients a thorough survey & analysis of their BEMS. The aim of the report is to make it clear to our client, in simple terms exactly how their BEMS infrastructure is arranged, how it is performing and where improvements can be made regardless of how minor or major.

What’s included:
  1. Analysis of BEMS
  2. Mapping of BEMS infrastructure
  3. Alarms review, assessment & any suggested consolidation
  4. Safety and security
  5. Energy reduction suggestions
  6. Easy to understand report
  7. Clear steps to BEMS efficiency improvements and reliability