Environmental Policy Statement

The CHARTWELL Environmental policy is to:

  1. Continually strive to improve our environmental performance through setting stretching environmental objectives and targets.
  2. Ensure compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations.
  3. Implement procedures to prevent pollution by the company’s activities, particularly through accidental emissions or effluent discharges.
  4. Monitor and reduce the impact of our activities on the local and general environment through the use of appropriate performance indicators.
  5. Use our procurement processes to ensure that we obtain products and services from sustainable and environmentally responsible sources including local suppliers where possible.
  6. Reduce the Company’s carbon emissions and the consumption of water and other resources.
  7. Ensure that waste generated by the Company’s is reduced, reused or recycled where possible and the remainder disposed of responsibly.
  8. Operate an environmentally responsible vehicle fleet to promote the use of more environmentally friendly modes of transport.