Sustainable Procurement
Policy Statement

Chartwell have developed a Sustainable Procurement Policy which outlines how we and our supply chain will influence procurement choices of goods, works and services to increase value for money, reduce consumption of natural resources and use materials with fewer negative impacts on the environment.

By operating in line with this policy we aspire in playing our part in reducing risks, safeguarding natural resources, improving resource efficiency, reducing waste, saving money and stemming the loss of biodiversity.

Our approach to sustainable procurement is in line with the principles contained within BS 8903. This standard was created to help pursue best procurement practice.

Chartwell’s Sustainable Procurement Policy’s aims and objectives:

  • Use fewer resources and less energy through continuous improvement and the use of innovative solutions.
  • Procure all timber and timber products from legal and sustainable sources (FSC) and procure with a preference, other construction materials from recognised responsible sourcing schemes.
  • Specify and procure materials and products that strike a responsible balance between social, economic and environmental factors and generate benefits to society and the economy.
  • The re-use or up-cycling of waste materials from projects or products sourced from re-cycling process such as building materials made from crushed concrete or re-cycled pre-used hard wood.
  • Use resource-efficient products and give due consideration to end-of-life uses.
  • Influence, specify and source increasing amounts of materials which can be reused, and consider future deconstruction and recovery of resources to embrace the circular economy to leave a sustainable legacy across the built environment.
  • Where possible, provide opportunities for small enterprises to increase the use of social enterprises, support local employment, diversity and training and work collaboratively with the voluntary sector, especially those near to our offices and operations.
  • Ensure that fair contract prices and terms are applied and respected, and that ethical, human rights and labour standards are met, in line with the United Nations Global Compact principles.
  • Source goods, works and services that embody our environmental policy, health & safety and quality policy.

Our Sustainable Procurement Policy is one of a number of ways in which the Chartwell Companies, everyone within the Companies and all stakeholders can demonstrate social, environmental and economic responsibility.