Design & Build

The lifecycle of BEMS at Chartwell begins in our manufacturing facility at our Technology Centre HQ in the heart of the Kent countryside.

Whether it’s our first-class workshop, our loyal and long-serving panel building team, or the testing facility where our clients can visit and get a demonstration of their new BEMS infrastructure and accompanying graphics, we revel in giving our clients the confidence they need to know that they’ve chosen the right BEMS partner.

There are also three other hubs of activity in the UK where Chartwell operates. Opened in mid-2017 our office in Northampton within the old Dr Martins factory is central to all Chartwell Complete services throughout the Midlands and North of England. Our central London office near Liverpool Street is an important location central to our busy London support and services. And last but by no means least, recently in 2018 Glasgow operations in Scotland opened its doors.

This means we have the expertise, nationwide to satisfactorily meet any expected or unexpected demands of our clients and build on the success we’ve enjoyed for the last 10 years.

In fact, our specialists have frequently been called in to find solutions on projects where others have been unable to.

We take an industry-leading approach to adopt emerging technologies which could help cut time, cost and carbon for our clients. We are able to access bespoke tools and training, which helps us deal effectively with obsolete systems and non-compatible replacement components.

Maintaining high standards of quality control is in our DNA

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We have experience designing, manufacturing and installing complex PLC systems.


We ensure our customers get the best value for money. See an example of this here whereby an innovative interfacing solution, we saved our client £10,000’s from the original tendered spec. Click here to view case study.

Multi manufacturer support

We enjoy a healthy relationship with our BEMS manufacturing partners and have worked hard to achieve the top level of support from Trend and Schneider.

In-house fabrication

All our panel fabrication is done in house by our dedicated team of panel building specialists with decades of experience between them.

Testing and demonstration facility

Our testing and demo room is popular with clients who visit for a live demonstration of their new BEMS infrastructure and head end with accompanying graphics.

10 years experience

In 2019 Chartwell celebrates 10 years of a hard earned reputation as the industries go-to BEMS lifecycle solutions provider.

Solutions for complex BEMS infrastructure

Time and time again Chartwell is bought in to find solutions for complex BEMS where others can’t.

Europe wide projects

Chartwell is proud to have completed some complex BEMS design & build projects in data centres across Europe.

3rd party integration

If a third party device needs communication with a clients BEMS, our dedicated and extremely clever engineers will find a way to do it.