At Chartwell we believe that the ideal BMS front end should be the window into the wider HVAC system, allowing stakeholders to view the information that is relevant to the task at hand.

While static BMS front ends have been in the industry standard for quite some time, we think that setting your front end up as a cloud hosted service opens up a world of possibilities; giving our clients the ability to:

  • Ensure the system is running on the most up to date/state of the art hardware and operating systems, improving system integrity
  • Access the BEMS from any internet connected device, making the system more accessible and flexible, with the added benefit of being able to manage building assets remotely
  • Mobile formatted graphics pages
  • Giving access to multiple users simultaneously
  • Conduct more frequent automated backups on the system
  • Increase system resources such as hard disk space, RAM and CPU speeds as required

A key motivator for moving from static front end to a cloud hosted service is the ability to constantly improve on the user interface and user experience with frequent UI/UX updates based on user feedback. This would finally bring the BEMS in line with software services across other industries, where R&D and periodic updates are baked into the service level agreement.