About Us

What are Chartwell about? Chartwell are a design, engineering and installation group specialising in through-life provision of Building Energy Management Systems (BeMS).

Clever use of building controls can improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, improve occupant comfort and protect mission-critical technology infrastructure. We provide pioneering, elegant and robust BeMS solutions at every project phase, from inception to completion – and on to operation, optimisation and change of use.

At Chartwell we introduce innovation in the design and implementation of BeMS technologies to help building owners and operators achieve and maintain optimum building performance, improving occupant comfort, assuring internal climatic conditions and boosting energy efficiency and sustainability.

Headquartered at our bespoke Technology Centre in the South-East, our in-house capabilities include design, fabrication, testing, integration, maintenance and in-operation optimisation. This breadth of capacity underpins our adaptability and our commitment to collaboration and quality for every client….. so, What are Chartwell about? – We are helping you to achieve net zero emissions.


Our design engineers challenge convention with sophisticated solutions which can reduce the amount of plant or electrical infrastructure required, saving our clients capital cost and speeding installation on new build, refurbishment, upgrade and change of use programmes.


By fabricating and testing systems in-house at our bespoke manufacturing centre, we gain unrivalled familiarity with even the smallest components. This attention to detail also characterises our installation teams which, added to their vast experience, means we are well equipped to deliver seamless switchovers without disruption in even the trickiest of live environments.


Our service teams are experts in delivering planned preventative maintenance programmes to keep your plant and buildings working as they should; we are also at the forefront of intelligence-led condition-based maintenance.


Our energy team helps equip building users to best utilise their installed systems (whether supplied by us or not) to significantly enhance occupant comfort and safeguard vital equipment while reducing energy use and associated cost and carbon.

Take complete control of your BEMS lifecycle with Chartwell Complete.

A solution that encompasses our full range of award-winning install, maintenance, support and energy services.

Whether it’s our remarkably high staff and client retention rates, our specialism in data centres & critical environments, or our unconventional decision that we keep all our panel manufacturing in-house – at our Technology Centre HQ in the heart of the Kent countryside – to maintain high standards of quality control is in our DNA, with dedicated customer support and highly experienced expert engineers to match. We are the market leaders in a fast-changing environment continually striving to innovate, keeping our clients abreast of the evolution of the Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) industry as new technologies emerge.