Prolong · Prepare · Protect


So far, during this crisis, both us and our clients have been forced into a reactive position, channelling all efforts into mitigating the effects of reduced occupancy on our buildings and HVAC systems.


Chartwell’s response to the restrictions was a tailored solution via our Connect+ Bureau with the objective to minimise service disruption in keeping their buildings in good working order following the changes to how we all work.


Further to that, we’ve been looking into ways to be more proactive in managing building reoccupation via a three-pronged support approach in maintaining our clients’ buildings during this period of uncertainty.


We believe that to keep on top of our systems in the current climate we must take measures to:

  1. Prolong asset availability.
  2. Prepare buildings for re-occupancy.
  3. Protect occupants once they’ve returned to work.


Our revised contingency approach draws upon Chartwell’s extensive HVAC control systems knowledge and guidance provided by CIBSE & ASHRAE, which is currently being rolled out to our clients.


Please have a browse of the details of our strategy below and contact for further information.