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“I’ve been working with Chartwell Controls since October 2014 and they have met and exceeded our expectations in all areas of a multi-faceted, sophisticated and challenging programme. In particular, Chartwell has brought extensive knowledge and experience of working with BeMS and EMS systems, giving us confidence that we are working right at the leading edge of best practice on this landmark project. The company’s project, manufacturing, engineering and installations teams consistently deliver outstanding levels in quality control, safety, collaboration and troubleshooting, as well as being proactive in finding excellent engineering solutions. A great example of this is in their converting controllers from propriety software to run on BACNET, helping to futureproof our facilities. Working with Chartwell has been a great experience. Their teams work as closely with us as if they were part of the same company and we’re delighted that one of Chartwell’s apprentices used his time on the project to gain certification. The company has offered clear advice and guidance in how best to accomplish what we need at every step of the way in a consistently demanding environment. You should be proud of what you’ve achieved thus far with confidence of an extremely bright future.”

- Robert Walgrove, Senior Project Manager, Skanska. Battersea Power Station redevelopment

“The work carried out by Chartwell Controls has enabled us to fully understand and implement the most efficient ways to operate our major items of plant. Many of the problems identified and resolved by Chartwell’s team had been present from the original installation and should have been picked up during the building commissioning. However, in modern buildings with complex controls, the commissioning process is often insufficient to accurately reflect all conditions. The solution used here highlighted potential issues quickly, which the controls engineers could then investigate in more detail; the system can also help confirm that changes made actually do have the beneficial effect forecast. The combination of Chartwell Controls and our own technicians working together as a team, making use of innovative technology, has been very successful in both improving reliability and reducing costs, something that I hope will continue in the future.”

- Stephen Andrews, Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge

“The Demand Logic platform enabled us to work collaboratively with Chartwell to identify opportunities to further improve the performance of the building. Data from the VAV units was particularly useful, allowing us to identify and correct specific issues without disrupting occupants. We were able to deliver a more efficient and effective service.”

- Keith Grimwood, Building Manager, Optimum Group Services

“I’m thoroughly impressed by what Chartwell Controls has been able to achieve with our Trend BeMS – the results are far beyond my original expectations. The BeMS helps with our ISO 50001 compliance, makes our operational infrastructure more resilient and enables us to run a more sustainable facility. It’s a fantastic result.”

- Facilities Manager, leading Data Centre

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