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Sustainability Strategy

Environmental Performance

Chartwell has always engineered sustainability into all our business operations. We recognise that a healthy business must use resources responsibly – including materials, energy, carbon, people and capital – and with a long-term bias.

We’re well-known for the sustainability spotlight we shine on our clients’ projects. However, we are also committed to carefully managing our own environmental impact.

Our sustainability focus is championed at board level by Alan King, Chartwell Energy director.

Our 10-point Sustainability Strategy

We’re taking control of our environmental impact by:

1. Engaging all staff in the conversation to foster a culture of social, economic and environmental responsibility, continually seeking suggestions to improve and rewarding outstanding contributions
2. Communicating our expectations clearly – with regards to sustainable design, manufacturing and construction – to partners, peers and clients
3. Selecting suppliers who mirror our commitment to social, financial and environmental sustainability
4. Optimising our own use of energy and resources, with both designed-in efficiency and on-going monitoring at our facilities
5. Minimising waste at our technology centre through repurposing, reusing and recycling materials
6. Reducing emissions and carbon incurred through travel by recruiting staff and selecting suppliers from communities local to our centres wherever possible, supporting home working and making best use of teleconferencing technologies
7. Reducing use of paper by investing in cloud-based file-sharing platforms, which can be used by our customers and partners in addition to our own staff
8. Evaluating qualitative and environmental factors, and not just cost alone, when making key purchasing decisions
9. Setting progressive, industry-leading targets, participating in relevant and verified industry schemes, measuring performance against key indicators and ensuring that best practice is widely recognised to drive continued awareness
10. Creating conditions in which sustainable thinking is valued and thrives at all levels of our business, backed by our directors

Environmental Performance: Milestones

When it comes to environmental responsibility, we practice what we preach. Here are a few of the achievements we’re most proud of:

  • Real-time energy monitoring: electricity and gas meters at the Chartwell Technology Centre are connected to the leading-edge Trend BeMS, with real-time use displayed prominently for all staff and visitors to see. As well as recording historic data to benchmark current performance against, this innovation also directly includes staff in our daily drive towards improved performance.
  • Balancing the internal climate efficiently: the sensitive nature of our manufacturing work calls for the internal climate at our facility to be strictly controlled, which must be balanced with achieving occupant comfort to ensure staff well-being. We’ve installed three high-tech heat pumps from Daikin and Fujitsu, which have cut heating and cooling energy use by up to 20% compared to more conventional means.
  • Intelligent lighting: every light at our design and manufacturing base is linked individually to the Trend BeMS. We have programmed the network to run only the number of lights required for the task being carried out or the immediate area being used. While each light can be manually operated to ensure safety and staff well-being, notices are posted in each area to encourage considered use of lights.
  • Natural daylight: we installed 10 large skylights when fitting out the design studio and offices at the Chartwell Technology Centre. This has cut use of artificial lights by 80% while boosting employee well-being with natural light.
  • Repurposing materials: most of the waste at our manufacturing centre is the packaging for products and parts we receive from our suppliers. However, we reuse around 90% of this packaging when sending out our own parts. The remaining packaging is sent to be recycled. The only other significant waste we generate is off-cuts of the copper wiring used in the control panels we build. We make use of 95% of these off-cuts in subsequent projects; the remaining 5% is sent to be recycled.
  • Cloud-based infrastructure: we’ve invested £50,000 into ChartWorld, our bespoke online system which we use for records, reports and much more. ChartWorld has markedly improved collaboration between all project stakeholders, while cutting our annual use of paper by approximately 250kg.
  • Innovative print solutions: where print is necessary, such as with our company publication In Control, we look for innovative ways to minimise environmental impact. For example, we have selected a printer who uses 100% recycled and recyclable paper, vegetable oil inks, waterless printing technology and power from renewable sources.
  • External recognition: we’re proud to hold ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 9001 (quality management systems) and ISO 45001 (health and safety management) accreditations, as well as holding top tier industry status as a Trend Technology Centre.

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