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Industry-first BeMS security package now available

Chartwell Secure includes a range of measures designed to protect BeMS from hackers and unauthorised use.

Chartwell Secure, our new comprehensive security package, is designed to protect building energy management systems (BeMS) from attack by hackers. The package includes features to minimise the risk of attack, including dial-in BeMS support and 24/7 remote PC maintenance and health monitoring.

Highlights include:

  • Wraparound protection for BeMS, including head-end PC health monitoring and maintenance
  • Remote dial-in service for BeMS and PC maintenance and emergency support
  • Powerful virus protection software installed, including all appropriate licences and live updates
  • Microsoft Windows security updates and patches monitored and installed, live, 24/7
  • PC health monitoring and error logging, for ongoing analysis and faster resolutions
  • Total lock-down of BeMS PC(s) to prevent non-BeMS use

Hacking is an ever-growing global threat, yet BeMS network security is often ignored. Is this really a problem? Yes. Target, a US retailer, was hacked via an insecure BeMS network in 2013, leading to a data breach totalling 70 million records. Google’s Australian HQ was attacked in 2014; insecure and out-of-date head-end PC software permitted hackers to gain access to building plant.

“An unprotected BeMS can offer hackers a back door into building plant, services and even main corporate IT systems,” explains Guy Bowen, Chartwell Secure implementation specialist. “The risk is very real. Chartwell Secure brings together cutting-edge technologies, our own in-depth BeMS expertise and a collection of industry-leading features to give clients total peace of mind when it comes to BeMS security.”

The risks of an unprotected BeMS being targeted by hackers are significant. Potential problems include:

  • Damage and data loss to servers (through disrupted internal conditions)
  • Health and safety violations (especially if lights and security systems are linked to the BeMS)
  • Unnecessary costs (remedial works, ransomware risk, reputational damage)
  • Plant failure (compromising power, fire safety and HVAC systems)
  • Data breaches (BeMS exploited as backdoors into main IT networks)

“We want to get your facilities protected as quickly as possible,” says Guy. “We’ve designed an efficient three-step approach to make the process straightforward. We’ll assess your current BeMS set-up; carry out detailed risk assessments and implement the appropriate Chartwell Secure package; and then monitor your BeMS in line with your PPM contract.”

Chartwell Secure is affordable, effective and available now.

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