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Battersea Power Station redevelopment: Leading London’s regeneration

Take Control:

We introduced fresh thinking to a landmark London project, saving 22km of cabling

The challenge:

Under the £400million first phase of the Battersea Power Station redevelopment, in London, more than 800 apartments and an Energy Centre have been built in a block alongside the historic structure.

We were commissioned by Skanska to a design, test and install Building Energy Management System (BeMS) and Energy Management Systems (EMS), including 85 control panels. Energy use in each apartment will be continually monitored and used to calculate residents’ utility bills.

The 18-month programme was made doubly challenging given that plant and networks are interlinked between 12 apartment buildings. Installation and commissioning had to be undertaken in each new building without disrupting services to residents who had already taken occupancy in three buildings.

What we did:

The project sparked a 30% workload increase in our manufacturing facility.

We designed the BeMS and EMS systems to collect individual energy usage for the two heat interface units in every one of 855 apartments. This Data is then sent via the cloud to utilities provider SSE, whose automatic system then calculates residents’ energy bills. This industry-leading system was put into use for 300 residents, before the project was even finished.

We designed, built, tested and installed 85 BeMS and EMS control panels in-house. We used specialist Data Centre knowledge to propose robust features (each panel has its own lighting, heating, temperature monitoring and UPS), exceeding our client’s initial expectations.

We try to anticipate customer needs through strong communication and collaboration. Our Managing Director met with our Client on site three times a week. In this manner, any potential pitfalls could be spotted early and proactive remedial action taken immediately, with the full backing of our experienced Directors.

When the schedule evolved at this complex project, adversely impacting our installation timetable, we continued to build and test BeMS and EMS control panels before storing them at our facility. We even carried out additional factory testing, which helped cut commissioning time required on site.

Our team (12 engineers and two apprentices) won the Project’s “Contractor of the Month” three times.

The result:

Our client expected a hard-wired solution but we suggested that we could use the already-installed CNS network. This saved 22km of cabling and 24 associated controllers, dramatically cutting materials cost, embedded carbon and installation time.

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